Surface protection: important for your wooden furniture

Wood is a living natural material which changes appearance when exposed to wind and weather. Rain makes the wood swell, sun and wind dry it out and crack formation may result. Clear-stained and oil-treated furniture acquires a natural grey tone with age on exposure to weather and UV light. The usage value of the furniture is not affected, however.

Furniture with stain finish may be supersaturated with colour. Therefore, before being used for the first time, the furniture should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. To prevent colour rub-off once and for all, the furniture should be treated with clear stain.

To maintain the furniture in the original condition for as long as possible, it should be after-treated with stain, placed under a roof and/or protected with cover. (NOTE! Do not put the cover on when the furniture is wet!) By regular care and maintenance the lifespan of your furniture can be extended.

At exposure in strong sunlight and high temperatures, the resin in the wood can become liquid and push its way out, especially around twigs/knots. This is an natural process if the wood´s temperature exceeds + 35-40 degrees celsius. Fresh resin can be removed with some Etanol or White Spirit on a rag. Dryed/crystallized resin can be scraped off carefully without damageing the paint/surface. Resin on clothes, the same manner as mentioned above.



To protect the surfaces of your furniture against dirt, wind and weather, it is advisable to treat them with stain once or twice a year, as required. If the furniture has been standing outdoors for some time, it should first be cleaned with a mild soapy solution and then left to dry for a couple of days. After that it should be slightly sanded with a fine sandpaper and treated according to the instructions for use. If the finish needs to be renovated, the furniture should be treated with stain in the colour of your choice. If the colour is not to be changed, the furniture can be treated with clear stain.
White-stained furniture

On white-stained furniture the knots may shine through after some time. To prevent this,the furniture can be after-treated with white stain (stir the stain thoroughly).

Unfinished/oiled furniture can be treated with clear or pigmented stain. When the furniture is to be trated for the first time, two coats shall be applied evenly with a brush. For renovation treatment, one coat is enough.

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